Google Adsense

Here are a few things you should know before signing up with AdSense.

  1. Do not click on your own links. Even to test them out. Even if you’re genuinely interested in the product. Don’t do it.
  2. Don’t encourage anyone to click on your links. The clicks will probably get disqualified and if it happens enough, you will probably get banned. Google has very advanced click-fraud detection so no matter how curious you are, DON’T DO IT.
  3. Email Google AdSense immediately if you notice a sudden surge in activity. If one day you have over a 30% jump in activity, let Google know. It might be a competitor trying to shut your AdSense account down by repeatedly clicking on your links, or it might be genuine activity. Letting Google know, helps you out.
  4. Make sure the number of ads you have on a page are in compliance with the terms. You may only have three ads on a page.
  5. If you’re not sure you can do it, don’t do it. Or at least, ask Google first.
  6. Review Google Adsense Terms and Conditions

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How to Earn Money Hosting a Website

Creating a profitable website is not impossible, but it is not a get rich quick scheme. What I like about it is that it can play to a person’s strengths and once it is set up, it really doesn’t take a lot of work.

There are a lot of sites the will sell you on a program you can invest in. I started this site through one of them, Site Build It!. However, the program is strictly for beginners and I left because I wanted to incorporate more things into my website than they could allow. If you know nothing about the internet and are not computer savvy, I would suggest it. However, it does cost a pretty penny, and what I’m suggesting here, is cheaper.
Step One: Plan out your website.

Before jumping in, you need to have a concept and idea of what your web site will be about. This can be tricky, because you want to create a site that will interest other people, but you also need to consider what keywords you will use. Think of keys as several subtitles to your page (you don’t want to have one word, but rather phrases). For example, for my main page I picked the keywords: work from home, work at home, legitimate business opportunities.

Now, there are experts who pick the flaws in some of my choices, and I don’t claim to be an expert. But you want to think about what words you would insert into a search engine to find your page. Your site is going to need information that connects with the keywords that other internet searchers would type into earches. Keeping this in mind, will help when you are writing the text for your page. You are going to want to mention these keywords in your title, headers, and at least three times in your content. You will also want to be able to integrate your other important words into the content as well. Finally, you’ll need to be able to do this logically and not just list them.

Once you have your main concept, start brainstorm ideas for other pages you’d have on your site. You want to think about keywords still, and the overall logic of your page. Make an outline of your pages. You will want to be able to come up with at least 30 page of good content. These pages will need to be about 400 words long. For more on Search Engine Optimization, I am going to recommend Search Engine Land.
Step Two: Decide on a webhost and pick your domain name.

Your domain name is probably the most important decision you’ll have to make. It’s also the most difficult to change. You’ll also want to try and incorporate your keywords into it. Of course, the problem lies in finding one that hasn’t been taken. The nice thing is, you can incorporate hypens (-) and underscores (_) if necessary to make up the name.

While you can register a domain name separately, I recommend chosing a webhost site first. I really like Blue Host and use that for this site and for several others I have designed professionally. Yes, it is an affiliate. But I did choose what I felt was the best choice. Of course, there are a hundred others to choose from. You can change your host, but it can be a huge headache, so pick wisely. The costs run between $6.95 and $9.95 for a basic site. However, if you pick a cheap one that doesn’t allow you to do what you want, that $12-36 you saved a year will be spent on headache medicine.

Why am I recommending paying instead of creating a free website? Free websites won’t give you an unique domain name and generally have popups or other advertising on them. You don’t want that for this type of site. When you register, you’ll have to decide on your domain name.
Step Three: Set up your site and start making it public.

For more on how to get your site listed, I’m going to direct you off site. Again, I’m sending you to Search Engine Land. They have a great page on Search Engine Optimization.
Step Four: Sign up for Affiliate Programs

The easiest way to do this is to sign up to an affiliate network. Affiliate networks have a bunch of affiliate programs in all different areas so you’re bound to find something for whatever site you are building. I’m currently using the CX Digital Media Affiliate Network for most of my affiliate advertising. They have a lot of affiliate programs that you can add to your website and make money based on commissions that those ads generate. You can track how many clicks each ad is getting and how many conversions or sales each one produced which is quite convenient. They will also pay you for each person you refer if you use the affiliate link that you get when you sign up.
Step Five: Keep adding to the content and marketing your site

The more pages you can add to keep your content fresh, the better. Also, it would be good if you can find groups to join and participate in. Do not join groups simply to market (aka SPAM) your site. Read the terms of the group before posting and answer questions rather than referring people to your site. Being part of the groups is good because it will give you ideas for more pages. This isn’t the be all end all of how to get started, but should give you a rough guide to get you started until I can add more to this page.

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Top Survey Companies

Here is my list of the top survey companies. My criteria for this was multifold. First, I felt they needed to belong to at least one professional organization. Second, they needed to have a reputation for paying out more than sweepstakes entries. Third, they needed to have a good reputation.

I ran into one minor problem when I composed this list. Many other people have composed similar lists designed to point you at their affiliates. Because I feel these are good companies, I am affiliated with many of them, so how do you know I didn’t do the same. The only proof I can give you is to check out my list of paid surveys and survey look-alikes. Every single one of them offers affiliate links and I am not one of their affiliates. I also urge you to check out these companies for yourself before joining. Remember, don’t trust me-trust yourself.

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Multi-Level Marketing

How it is Supposed to Work and The Reality

Okay, multi-level marketing (MLM) falls into a separate category because they’ll disguise themselves with other ads. Some will tell you straight out that they are MLMs others claim they are not MLMs.

You will only discover the truth after you read the fine details. Although some people will tell you that multi-level marketing (MLM) are complete scams, the concept behind it is legitimate. Multi-level marketing is a system of selling in which you sign up other people to assist you, and they, in turn, recruit others to help them. Sounds like a pyramid scheme, right?

Well, in order for it to be considered a pyramid “scheme” the offer needs contain these three elements:

  1. A lottery prize: expectation of monetary or other gain from participation in the pyramid,
  2. Chance: the monetary return you may receive from your participation is entirely up to chance, that is, dependent on the efforts of those below you in the pyramid,
  3. Consideration: the fee you pay to become a distributor.

Frequently, the entrance fee into the pyramid is very high. In many cases, the money spent for such an entrance fee can often be considered lost the moment you pay. To protect yourself against falling victim to a multi-level marketing scheme, note whether the basis of the promotion is the sale of a product at the retail level, as opposed to an emphasis on recruiting more and more distributors to help you increase your income.

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Franchise and Business Opportunties

The Ads:
Start a Mail Order Business at Home!
Start Your Home Business Working From Home
Own a Jewelry Business For Less Than $50
Opportunity Done Right – $300K+ /yr for Serious Entrepreneurs


How it is Supposed to Work:

You send money for information about starting a business franchise from your home. What the sites lack in details they make up for in promises and claims. Many business opportunity deals offer the entrepreneur a pre-packaged small business. Typical business opportunities involve vending machines, amusement games, pay telephones, and display racks for such items as greeting cards and CD ROM computer software.

The Reality:

What they are selling you is the training and support systems. Victims have been lured into spending thousands of dollars with nothing to show for it but a huge debt. Anyone who really had business ideas this good would never offer this information to thousands of others. They would simply use it themselves.

Things to especially look out for in these advertisings are:

  • Urges you to call an “800” number.
  • Makes wild and unsubstantiated claims about potential earnings.
  • States no experience is necessary.
  • Promise exclusive territories, good locations for vending machines or display racks, or the assistance of a professional locator.
  • Rely on high-pressure telemarketing sales techniques.
  • Fails to provide a list of all current business opportunity owners in the region but instead gives a handpicked selection of references.
  • Failure to provide prospective investors with a complete disclosure document containing pre-sale disclosures about their experience, lawsuit history, audited financial statements, and substantiation for any representations made about earnings.

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Job Boards

The Ads:

Home Job Place: Join one of the Hottest Selling Sites on the Net! A Leading Work From Home Job Bank. Solid, Reputable.

Work At Home Jobs Directory: Find a legitimate work at home job and avoid scams.

Real Online Jobs: Starting Today. You Can Very Easily Earn $1000 to $5000+ Per Week, from the Comfort of Your Own Home.

How it is Supposed to Work:

For a small membership fee, you are allowed access to hundreds of legitimate jobs. Some claim to have researched the postings validity and claim they have more postings than any other site.

The Reality:

There are far too many free job boards to require anyone to pay for the service. Warning, many legitimate job boards are being targeted by criminals who then solicit work from home frauds. Although job boards such as Craig’s List, Monster and CareerBuilders have systems in place to try and “sniff” out fraudulent posts and remove them; it is not a perfect system.

Be wary of any job offer you receive even if it comes from a legitimate board. Do not respond to any email from someone who does not list their full name, company name and address and a phone number. Also, use the internet to find the company’s web site and verify this information. See if the job is listed on their career page. Do not give your social security number, credit card number, or bank account numbers or make any monetary transactions until you’ve verified all information. Also, don’t give out any personal non-work related information, such as height, weight, or marital status.

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Medical Transcription, Billing and Coding

The Ads:

Make $200.00 working as a Medical Transcriptionist

Study Medical Transcription From Home for as little as $10/Month!

Be a Medical Biller and earn $50,000+ a year

Medical Billing At Home: Start Your Medical Billing Career! Quick & Easy Home Study.

How it is Supposed to Work:

These ads promise a substantial income working full or part time from home by providing billing, accounts receivable and insurance claim processing for the medical community. Some assure you that no experience is required while others claim to provide you with the training needed to obtain this job and that they have lists of eager clients ready to pay you for your services.

The Reality:

These promoters rarely provide experienced sales staff or contacts within the medical community and actually send you materials which could include a brochure, application, sample diskettes, a contract (licensing agreement), disclosure document, and in some cases, testimonial letters, videocassettes and reference lists. Often times their list of “ready customers” was simply copied out of the phone book and the references are simply “shills” (people hired to give favorable testimonials).

Many doctors’ offices process their own medical claims. Doctors who contract out their medical billing often use established firms, not individuals working from home.

Few consumers who purchase a medical billing business opportunity are able to find clients, start a business and generate revenues – let alone recover their investment and earn a substantial income. Competition in the medical billing market is fierce and revolves around a number of large and well-established firms. Also, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has brought charges against promoters of medical billing opportunities for misrepresenting the earnings potential of their businesses and for failing to provide key pre-investment information required by law.

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